Marina Fedorova at the Harper's Bazaar Arabia event

On 16 October, artist Marina Fedorova spoke to the readers of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in the very heart of Dubai in a joint session with artist Kristel Bechara. The artist talk was hosted by Bazaar’s Deputy Editor Jessica Michault and revolved around NFTs and the significance of digital media in the contemporary art world.

Kristel Bechara recounted her experiences of working with and selling art through various platforms, stressing the intrinsic challenges and opportunities. Marina Fedorova shared her knowledge of the many ways in which contemporary artists use digital tools to augment traditional media, citing examples of this toolkit being instrumental in promoting the Cosmodreams project globally. Her points were illustrated by the Space Art Odyssey video being projected on an extra-large plasma screen; using the VR headsets provided in their promotional kits, the viewers could become fully immersed in the space-themed world of the Cosmodreams multiverse. A special version of this art video was created for screening at the event.

Moreover, the guests had a chance to view a total of 17 augmented reality scenarios and various sculptures through the CosmodreamsAR app, take selfies using an interactive mask, and share them on social media.


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