Exclusive Version of the Space Art Odyssey Art Video

On 12 April, the day of the 60th anniversary of the first human spaceflight, the Cosmodreams project presented a version of the Space Art Odyssey art video created specifically for viewing at the St. Petersburg Planetarium. The video was screened as part of the GAGARIN NIGHT programme dedicated to Yuri’s Night international celebrations.

The Space Art Odyssey art video amalgamates art and computer graphics. The ultra high definition video has a resolution of 8K. This time, and extended 15-minute version of the video was screened. The viewers felt like a part of the Cosmodreams multiverse: joining the characters of paintings on their breathtaking journey, they learned the reason for mankind’s roaming through the endless expanse of the Universe, investigated the remnants of the lost civilisation on the Moon, and heard the thrilling stories behind Marina Fedorova’s artworks. 

The video was projected onto the dome of the St. Petersburg Planetarium’s Star Hall.