Art Dubai 2022, March 11-13, 2022

The solo exhibition of the Cosmodreams project by the contemporary figurative artist Marina Fedorova has bridged traditional art and technological advances through its presentation at Art Dubai 2022, the Middle East's leading international art fair, held every March in Dubai. The project was part of the new fair section Art Dubai Digital, which focused on digital art. Art Dubai Digital featured a curated selection of 17 top international galleries and platforms to examine the context out of which NFTs, video art, and virtual reality have grown since the rise of digital art in the 1980s.


“The objective was to create a new immersive experience for Art Dubai visitors while keeping in mind that traditional art - painting and sculpture - still remains the primary art form. It is important for me not to lose the touch with reality. That is why I use digital tools as an addition to real works,” says the artist Marina Fedorova.


This exhibition demonstrates how technology can be used to enhance an artwork's interactivity and immersion. Through the artwork, the artist captures the beauty of outer space, as well as how technology affects our planet.

Cosmodreams presents itself not only as a series of large-scale paintings, but also as sculptures and human-sized objects, augmented reality environments, films in 4K widescreen, 8K video for VR-glasses, and interactive panels.