The interactive or touchscreen experience is an excellent way to connect with a broader audience as people use touchscreens every day on their smartphones, tablets, sometimes laptops. It is intuitive to use, showy and helps to invite users to participate in the stories. The use of touchscreen technologies in art-related activities changes the audience from viewer to participant which opens new opportunities for immersive experiences.

The Cosmodreams interactive experience features tailor-made content relating to space and the exhibition. Sensor technologies allow users to interact with the visuals on the screen and to watch the stories behind the objects unfold. All scenarios for this immersive experience are based on Marina Fedorova’s paintings and sketches.



The script is based on a spiral that can be spun around to choose one of six scenes featuring the Cosmodreams world. Here are some examples of this immersive experience.


Alien Princess

A girl wearing a gorgeous red ball gown seems to be stepping over densely packed planets as if over coloured stones or festive balloons. Who is she? At times the artist feels that a woman never really belongs to one nation, race, and even reality. She is more attractive the more mysterious and unpredictable she is. Such is the Alien Princess.


Explore the scene by rotating the visuals, pinching to zoom, and tapping planets to have a closer look at them.


The Mystery of the third planet

Growing up in the Soviet Union of the 1980s, Marina Fedorova, like most other Soviet kids, was enthralled by the eponymous story written by the sci-fi author Kir Bulychyov and its quirky animated film adaptation. Her cherished dream is to travel someday to a distant mysterious planet and collect a bunch of magical mirror-like flowers that have been recording everything that was in front of them and can project enticing visions of the planet’s past.


Enjoy the scene by tapping flowers, a creature, and a flying dragon.


The usage of touchscreen technologies to put the users inside the content enables deeper immersive experiences for broader audiences and fuels the desire to explore further.

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